Ålö is one of the world's leading suppliers in the agricultural machinery industry and have been developing and manufacturing top-quality front-end loaders under the brands Quicke® and Trima®, and associated implements under Original Implements™, since 1949.

With sales companies in 7 countries, factories in four countries and customers in more than 50 countries, they account for 30 per cent of the world market in the segment for tractors with engines more powerful than 50 hp. Around 90 per cent ofthe total output is exported.

Sales in 2015 amounted to around 35,000 loaders and 42,000 implements. The principal owner is the international private equity company Altor.

 Ålö’s founder, Karl-Ragnar Åström, may well have been sadly contemplating the horses on the farm as he stepped into the blacksmith’s workshop and began sketching his own front loader. One year later, his sketches had been transformed into reality to become the first Swedish front loader.

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