Lynx Engineering

The Lynx name has been synonymous with the supply of front linkages for many years. Today, they supply, fit and support linkages for the great majority of tractor makes and models, old and new, from the Front Line range. Manufactured by Zuidberg, their front linkages are renowned for their advanced engineering and unrivalled integration with the tractor for which they are specifically designed. Lynx also manufacture and supply a wide range of front-mounted presses and cultivators under our own Stream Line brand. Well-proven and developed over a number of years, there is a Lynx Stream Line product to meet all your requirements and suit your soil conditions. Lynx is also the UK distributor for the technically advanced and superbly engineered Stoll range of Front Loaders which they market under lynx Load Line brand.

As the cost of diesel continues to increase and farmers look to maximise versatility and productivity from their tractors, the Optima tractor engine tuning system from Lynx Powertech is proving to be a more attractive proposition than ever. This purpose-designed, well-proven system from Lynx can increase the power and torque output from your tractor by as much as 25%, whilst substantially reducing its fuel consumption. These benefits are achieved without compromising the tractor's engine management system in any way. As more and more farmers throughout the UK recognise the savings and the productivity gains that can be made, demand for the Powertech Optima system continues to increase at a rapid rate.

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